Let us introduce you to the beautifully crafted and boundlessly detailed interior of the Yarra One residences, all aimed at creating the most distinguished haven layered with sculpted artistry.

Every aspect of the elite residences of Yarra One has been thoughtfully conceived and carefully honed to present a refined approach to materiality.

From the fine grain of the timber floors to the meticulously polished benchtops, this private refuge is composed of surfaces not only beautiful to look at, but exquisite to touch.

At Yarra One, you have the freedom to uncover both rest and productivity within the practical yet elegant spaces that come together to form the heart of the home.

The spacious luxury afforded by the Yarra One design combines the artistic use of smooth lines and well-lit spaces to offer a continuous source of inspiration to our residents.

As your most personal sanctuary, the bedroom is fashioned to indulge your very own style. It boasts both the refined details of a modern hideaway and the comforting warmth of a traditional home.

Last but not least, storage is simplified at Yarra One. The bespoke joinery, modular concept, and curated textures are built to both safeguard and showcase your belongings.